High-tech Industry In Dubai

- Sep 27, 2019-

High-tech industry

Nowadays, apart from developing trade and tourism, dubai also attaches great importance to modern high-tech industries.Dubai has a growing number of tax-free zones, covering everything from media to sports, finance and biotechnology.

The Dubai Internet City plan was drawn up in 2001 after Dubai authorities decided to move to a knowledge-based City.In just five years, more than 835 multinational technology companies have established their bases here, and 35,000 high-tech talents, mostly from overseas countries, have worked here.It has the world's largest IP telephony system, described as "a knowledge economy ecosystem designed to support the commercial development of ict".It has attracted top companies such as Microsoft, cisco, Siemens, oracle, HP, IBM and Canon.It will soon launch a "dubai outsourcing development zone".Officials say the area will be "the world's first free zone dedicated to outsourcing, 100% tax-free, with the world's most reliable technology and communications infrastructure, one-stop support, and possibly the best working environment."

Dubai Media City specializes in Media and marketing services, publishing, music, film and television entertainment and other industries, including "Dubai's Hollywood".Dubai Knowledge Village will invest 12 billion dirhams (about 25 billion yuan) to train talents for local economic development.Graduates will work in places like Internet city and media city.It is expanding rapidly, with plans to include a mega-campus for the dubai knowledge university.

The dubai air show has grown to be the third largest in the world, behind Paris and vandenberg.