How To Choose Crystal Products

- Aug 21, 2019-

How to choose crystal products

(1) see the raw materials: choose excellent crystal products, should not see the rubber mouth and cotton wadding;The texture is pure, smooth and crystal.

(2) look at the work: the processing process of crystal products is divided into two, namely the grinder and sculptor.Such as crystal necklace, bracelet, earrings and other abrasive products;Guanyin, inner painting snuff bottle and other carvings.

(3) see polishing: polishing the quality of direct impact on the value of crystal products.Polishing is divided into soft polishing and hard polishing.

(4) look at the hole: for the embellish wear crystal products (such as necklace, bracelet, buddhist beads), to see whether the hole is straight, whether the thickness of the hole is uniform, whether there are small cracks.The hole wall must be clear and transparent without "white mark".

5. Look at color: even in the same kind of crystal, its different parts of the texture, color and luster are all different.Belong to monochromatic, want chroma even;Have depth on same crystal, ask its tonal grain is beautiful and easy.

Look at culture: the hieroglyphics of the inclusions inside the crystal can be associated with culture, religion and history, and the price is often several times or even hundreds of times higher than the value of the crystal itself.