Is There A Collection Of Crystal Crafts?

- Aug 23, 2018-

Crystal products have a collection value, which is already known to many people. For example, “Crystal 12-Celebrity and Jumbo Inner Painted Snuff (12 pieces)” auctioned a high price of 935,000 yuan on the auction floor. This change of people's perception that crystal is a low-end gem, has no collection value. So, how do you see the collection value of crystal carving crafts?

Because of the large output, the large amount of reserves and the simple synthesis, the crystal is not of high value. However, some finely crafted crystal crafts are also valuable. But not all crystal carving crafts have collection value. Whether a crystal carving craft has collection value depends on the following factors.

1. Purity. Whether a crystal carving craft has a collection value, the purity of crystal is an important factor. Natural crystals will have some cotton wool, impurities, etc. This is a proof that crystal is natural, but it also reduces the value of crystal. Crystal engraving crafts with collectible value are not required to be completely transparent, but the less internal inclusions, the better.

2. Color. Color is one of the important factors that determine the quality of crystal engraving. No matter what quality crystal engraving crafts, crystal engraving crafts with collection value require bright, lustrous and aura.

3. Work. The collection of crystal carving handicrafts requires that the grinders and engravers must be exquisite, so that the handicrafts that have been carved into pieces do not have a rough feeling, and the style is novel. The more famous works, the more valuable the crystal carving crafts are.