Lifelong Learning In The Network

- Aug 07, 2019-

9. Lifelong learning

No industry is developing faster than e-commerce. Technologies, patterns, users and concepts are changing day by day.

Even if master these 9 kinds of ability also must not be complacent, because true network sale journey also just begins from here.

Manufacture Technology:

1,Cutting material             2,Flat grinding                            3,Facet,                  

4,digging                            5,3D laser Engraving,               6,Sandblasting    

7,Etched,                            8,Polished,                                  9,Dint                                 10,Silk-screen,                 11,Profiling,                                 12,Slotting,   

13,Color-printing,            14,Plate making,                         15,Drawbench,         16,Carved,                        17,Acid-washing  

crystal process