Measure The Speed Of Sound In Big Ben

- Nov 16, 2019-

The Elizabeth tower can be used to illustrate the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound.If a person arrives in London and stands under the clock tower, he will hear the bell of the Elizabeth tower strike about a sixth of a second slower than the time when the bell was struck (assuming it is 55 metres high).However, if a loudspeaker is placed near the bell and the bell is radioed to a distant place (like New York City or Hong Kong), the bell will be heard earlier than the person standing under the bell tower.In fact, if the receiver sends the bell back to the observer on the ground, the radio transmission will be faster than if the observer hears the actual bell.(for example: New York City is 5,562 kilometers away from London, and the radio will send the bell to New York City in 0.018552 seconds;It took 0.037105 seconds to get back and forth, but the original bell took 0.1616 seconds to reach the ground.)crystalG0021

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