Memorabilia Of The Big Ben

- Nov 16, 2019-


In 1834, the houses of parliament were burned to the ground when a large number of government documents were burned in the furnaces.

The 97-metre-high bell tower was built by queen Victoria when she came to the throne in 1837.

In 1840, the houses of parliament were rebuilt.

In 1856, Big Ben was named after Sir Benjamin, the first overseer of the construction project.

In 1857, the bell cracked.

The clock dial is 7 meters in diameter and has four faces. The hands are 2.75 meters long and the hands are 4.27 meters long. The pendulum weighs 305 kilograms and the clock weighs 13.5 tons.

Built at the northeast corner of the main house of parliament in 1859, it cost 27,000 pounds to produce and supervised by the then minister of works, Sir Benjamin hall.When the bell was finished, the question of what to call it puzzled the English courtiers.Ben was the nickname of the minister who made the clock, but later it was called Big Ben, or Big Ben.


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