Natural Crystal And Artificial Crystal

- Aug 21, 2019-

Natural crystal and artificial crystal

(1) the color distribution of natural purple crystal is uneven, with irregular patchy distribution and gas-liquid inclusion;The synthetic purple crystal is uniform in color, and has a crystal nucleus in the center.

(2) natural crystal and topaz crystal and other colors, if it is blue and orange, it is artificial color.The difference between recoloring crystal and natural crystal is that the color of recoloring crystal is bright and uniform, in which you can't see the irregular flake color group.Artificial coloring crystal prints will fade slowly after a longer use time, losing decoration and appreciation value.

(3) to the sun observation, natural crystal ornaments no matter how advanced, can see the light uniform small horizontal grain or willow catkin texture, and false crystal ornaments is generally with residual crystal residue or glass smelting regeneration, and by polishing and coloring imitation, can not see uniform stripes and catkin texture to the sun.

(4) natural crystal jewelry radiates a beautiful glow in the sun from any Angle, while fake water jewelry does not.

(5) the refractive index of natural crystal is 1.54;A false crystal has a low index of refraction which is usually less than 1.The refractive index is the ratio (which must be greater than 1) of the speed at which light travels in a vacuum to the speed at which it travels in a medium.And the refractive index of glass is between 1.5 and 1.9, which cannot be inferred as true or false.Crystal is excellent quartz crystal, most are colorless transparent, a small amount of various trace elements and different colors.It is transparent, high hardness, good refraction, with high quality natural crystal processing made of necklace and glasses, become beautification of life, dispel disease health care high-grade ornaments and practical supplies.