Natural Crystal Jewelry Design Strategy

- Sep 11, 2019-

In the market economy, no commodity can be separated from its market attribute. To determine the best marketing channel for a commodity and conduct broader market expansion, it is necessary to start from the cultural value, design strategy, material and processing technology of the product.Natural crystal in our lives do not see much, so people's impression of the crystal as if it is pure and flawless, crystal clear pronoun.MT106

The Meaning of  Crystal

Colorless crystal: represents pure, selfless.Can enhance the aura of people, drive away the miscellaneous thoughts.

Purple crystal: represents romance and marriage.The color is noble.

Yellow crystal: represents wealth and fortune.

Tawny crystal: steady and safe.

Green crystal: justice and development.

Green ghost crystal: on behalf of wealth, business.

White ghost crystal: represents purity, for spiritual.

Red ghost crystal: on behalf of business development and prosperity.

Golden hair crystal: most beautiful, supreme.

Red hair crystal: warm and lively.

Yellow hair jing: prosperous, flourishing.

Black hair crystal: partial wealth, solution.

Green hair crystal: happiness, good luck.

Silver hair crystal: flourishing wood, ward off evil.

Pyramid crystal: gather energy and avoid evil.

Water bladder crystal: magic, supernatural.

Landscape crystal: miniature of nature, a window between man and nature.