One Email For Our Customers

- Jun 17, 2020-

Hello, dear,

excuse me,  this is Roc, crystal manufacturer and supplier, and both of polyresion crafts and metal crafts is our majors, it means one sample, the material can include crystal, polyresin and metal, all are okay, which is up to ur minds

And I find u r looking for some crystal crafts, so can u show me the pictures of ur sample, and share me ur requests and minds. then I can calculate the exact cost fee and the shipping fee to u,

So about the any question in them, u can contact me any time, I will give u a professional reply.

so if it's okay , how about sharing your wechat or whatsapp ID with me? then I can add u and contact with u on time for more details.More details need to discuss.



+86 18248597640(Wechat/W'sApp)