Process Of Crystal Glass

- Aug 21, 2019-

Process of pictures

Crystal and quartzite kind of jade is low - grade gem stone, although not as good as diamond, red


Sapphire is noble, but it is also of high value if it is cleverly conceived and finely processed.Such as Chinese traditional agate "shrimp dish", "dragon dish", "water manjinshan" (water gallbladder agate ornaments) are known as national treasure jade.

The value of crystals varies greatly according to quality, bulk size, beauty, and yield.Encounter good natural crystal to dare to start, but good crystal generally everyone wants to get, value and not worth, will look at the experience.Due to the mining and production of natural crystals, it is difficult to get flawless crystals, pure jewelry to match the quality of synthetic crystals, it is very rare.Additional, because of the characteristic of crystal, in wearing a process, also can change its grade, for instance because of some reason, can produce bigger crack gradually possibly.

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Metal crystal medal

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