Production Process Of Crystal Perfume Bottle

- Nov 28, 2019-

The production process

The material that makes crystal perfume bottle has: vitreous makings, K9 makings, pressing makings, etc. Shun yuan crystal handicraft teaches you to differentiate method to artificial crystal and natural crystal:

See: natural crystal in the process of formation, often affected by the environment there are always some impurities, towards the sun observation, you can see the faint even fine cross grain or catkins.And false crystal USES the crystal slag of incomplete, glass slag to melt more, pass polish processing, coloring is imitated and become, without even stripe, catkin shape material.

Tongue licking: even in the hot summer dog days, with the tongue licking the natural crystal surface, there is a cold and cool feeling.Fake crystal, no cool feeling.

(3) light: natural crystal standing in the sun, no matter from any Angle to see it, can give out beautiful luster.Fake crystals cannot.

(4) hardness: natural crystal hardness, with gravel in jewelry gently scratch, will not leave traces;If leave stripe, it is false crystal.

(5) polarizing mirror examination: under the polarizing mirror rotation 360 degrees four bright four dark change is natural crystal, no change is false crystal.

6 with dichroism check: natural amethyst dichroism, false crystal dichroism.

7 with magnifying glass inspection: with ten times magnifying glass in the transmission of light under the inspection, can find the bubble can be set as false crystal basically.

Today check with hair silk: put crystal on a hair silk, human eye can see hair silk double shadow through crystal, it is natural crystal, basically because crystal has birefringence.

Adjust the thermal conductivity meter to green 4 grids to test the gem. Natural crystal can rise to yellow 2 grids, while false crystal can not rise. When the area is large, it will rise to yellow 1 grid.

Generally speaking, the earlier the production of perfume bottles, the more collection and appreciation value, this point and all collectibles.Such as lalique style glass perfume bottles (1st century BC), which were quite luxurious at the time, like the liquid in the bottle.Then there are the blown amethyst bottles (A.D. 50-150) and the blown glass jars that were moulded in the first century.From them, we can experience the real "fragrance over time".9