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- Sep 28, 2019-

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According to CNN on April 12, Dubai police headquarters recently released photos of the new police car on its official Twitter, a green-and-white Aventador supercar, each worth about $500,000 (RMB 3.125 million). As soon as the photos were released, they aroused great interest and heated discussion among netizens.

Reportedly, the sports car has typical features of Aventador, but it uses green and white special for Dubai police, and the license plate marked 8 is specially customized. In an official statement, Dubai police said it was a step closer to the city of luxury facilities. It is reported that 15% of the traffic fines in Dubai are for cases of speeds exceeding 209 km/h, while the newly launched Lamborghini police car can start in 2.9 seconds and speed up to 90 km/h at a maximum speed of 349 km/h.

"Don't drive too fast in Dubai, or the police will chase you in an Italian sports car," netizens commented on the Dubai police Twitter page.