Related To The Fun Of The Big Ben Crafts

- Nov 15, 2019-

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Big Ben stopped for an hour and a half on the night of May 27, 2005.Why did the 147-year-old clock strike?Big Ben, the 95-meterhigh clock tower on the east side of the houses of parliament, broke down at 10:07 PM local time and its minute hand stopped working, an engineer said Wednesday.Then the minute hand began to turn slowly and stopped again at 10:20.The pause lasted an hour and a half before it returned to normal.

Some speculate that hot weather may be to blame.The highest temperature in London reached 31.8℃ on 28th.It was the hottest May Day in England since 1953, the met office said.But the parliament building engineer dismissed the claim."We were told there was a slight glitch, but then it started working again," he said.crystalG0021

Big Ben has always been famous for its punctuality.The Nazi bombing of London in world war ii failed to destroy it.However, after all, is more than a hundred years old "advanced age", it also has a few minor problems.On New Year's day 1962, for example, a heavy snowfall made the clock strike 10 minutes later than normal.Big Ben also stopped working in 1976 when a small part broke down.In addition, on 30 August 1997, it also stopped unexpectedly.