Research On Introduction Teaching Of Glass Technology

- Aug 14, 2019-

discusses the explanation method of the definition of glass, puts forward the suggestion to pay attention to the explanation of the broad definition of glass, and provides some teaching methods of the content;This paper introduces the origin of glass, the development history of calendering and drawing technology, puts forward the key points of explanation, and analyzes them concisely, so as to cultivate students' ability of observation and independent analysis and problem solving.

Crystal brittle, pay attention to prevent pressure, fall, high temperature, strong alkali, strong acid.When moving crystals, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves to avoid staining the collection with grease on your hands.When lifting crystal article, do not hold the coping that crystal places an article or epitaxial place, the base that should clutch crystal or whole body.Discover crystal to collect on have dirt, do not use feather brush, and should with light soft and the cloth that does not contain downy brush dust gently, do not force wipe, lest wear out crystal.