Research On Introduction Teaching Of Glass Technology

- Aug 26, 2019-

Abstract: this paper discusses the explanation method of glass definition, puts forward some Suggestions to explain the broad definition of glass, and provides some teaching methods of this content.This paper introduces the origin of glass, the development history of calendering and drawing technology, puts forward the key points of explanation, and analyzes them concisely, so as to cultivate students' ability of observation and independent analysis and problem solving.

Key words: glass technology;Teaching research;Plate glass;


According to the material -- divided into natural crystal gifts and artificial crystal gifts, according to the corresponding production fine, can be divided into crystal class.

According to the production process - divided into crystal white blank gifts, crystal image gifts, crystal carving gifts

Decoration according to purpose - crystal office supplies, crystal pendants, crystal ornaments, crystal ornaments, crystal ashtray, crystal perfume bottle, crystal photo frame, etc

Molding up points - crystal music box, crystal zodiac series, crystal trophy, crystal trophy, crystal office furnishing articles, crystal pen container series, crystal tableware, crystal tea sets, crystal lamp, crystal lamp, crystal chandeliers, crystal vase series, crystal candle holder, crystal curtain series, crystal ashtray, crystal pillar, crystal ball, crystal iceberg series, crystal series image series, crystal plate series, crystal decoration