Secret Of MAO Zedong's Crystal Coffin

- Sep 12, 2019-

More than 10 days after chairman MAO's death, the central committee of the communist party of China (CPC) decided to build a memorial hall for chairman MAO in tiananmen square and develop a glass coffin to permanently preserve the body of chairman MAO.This was the famous national project no. 1.Where did the crystal come from to make the sarcophagus?The experts finally decided to choose donghai crystal.The task of supplying chairman MAO with raw materials for the crystal coffin fell to the cadres and workers of donghai 105 mine.MT122

levies with thermal conductivity meter detection: thermal conductivity meter to adjust to the green 4 g test gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2, and false crystal does not rise, when the area is large to rise to the yellow one.