Special Pattern And Enclosure Of Crystal

- Aug 21, 2019-

2. Special pattern and enclosure

If the texture of jade can form beautiful patterns, patterns, the price is high, such as agate inside the red and white ribbon arranged regularly, forming a silk agate, jasper in the uneven color to form a landscape pattern, the value of the material will increase.When the inclusions within the crystal form beautiful patterns, such as ghost crystals, landscape crystals, or needle-like inclusions arranged in bundles, their value is higher than that of ordinary crystals.The more beautiful the design, the more artistic conception, the better.

The value of hair crystal depends on the color that sends, rare sex and size, it is to send color commonly brightly-coloured, the price with large degree is tall.The value of water bladder crystal mainly depends on the size of water bladder and crystal, the height of transparency.If the water bladder is large and has a certain shape, it can be processed into more precious handicrafts.In addition, the water in the water bladder has certain scientific research value, through which we can learn the composition and changes of the water on the earth millions of years ago.