Status Of Industry Of Crystal Clock Crafts

- Dec 31, 2019-

Clocks and watches have always been one of Chinese people's favorite commodities.Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the state has invested a lot of money to develop the watch industry, which enables the industry to develop rapidly. Since then, China's reform and opening up and the development of economic globalization have brought prosperity to the watch industry in China.After decades of development, China's watch industry has experienced the development process of infeed assembly - appearance parts manufacturing - product development - brand establishment, and now has formed a complete supporting watch manufacturing industry, in addition to the high-end movement of all parts can be processed and produced.

From the regional pattern, the country has formed with guangzhou, shenzhen as the leading pearl river delta region, fujian, zhejiang, jiangsu, shandong, tianjin and other six major producing areas of watches;In terms of output, China has become a major producer of clocks and watches in the world.In 2011, China produced 159 million clocks and 130 million watches.

Although the development of China's watch industry has made great progress, but the credibility and influence of domestic watch enterprises and their brands in the international market is still insignificant, although the output ratio has reached more than 80%, but the output value accounted for less than 30%, still no voice and pricing power.