Study On Artistic Expression Language Of Glass In Interior Design

- Sep 17, 2019-

Glass is the main artistic material, innovative element and cultural carrier in modern interior design, which plays a very important role in space design and environment creation.Glass art has become a vivid expression language in interior design due to its diversity of material properties, technology and application forms.This paper mainly summarizes the glass art and the interactive development of interior design and the evolution of the glass art language, analyzes the glass art language form, light, color, material components and materials such as vocabulary, morphological vocabulary, vocabulary, and decorative vocabulary and other basic vocabulary, summarizes the various forms of glass in interior design in the application form, expounds the cultural significance of glass art language.This paper aims to provide some practical and theoretical references for the rational application of glass art to enhance the culture of indoor environment design and further explore the potential of glass art expression through the study of glass art expression language in interior design.



1:Description: New Sanhe Crystal Crafts

2. Model Scale: As per your requirement

3. Export Market: Global

4. Producing Area: Pujiang of China

5. Material: K9 Crystal

6. Color: As per your requirement

7. Species: As per your requirement

8. High quality and Excellent condition