Study On The Plane Modeling Language Of Modern Glass Art

- Aug 30, 2019-

Abstract: the study of plane modeling language of modern glass art is an important aspect of glass modeling art.To study the plane modeling language of modern glass art, we can find out some specific research methods and design ideas from the carrier of this language form, namely plane art glass.This paper takes the plane art glass as the research object. By combing the development of the plane art glass, the concept of the plane modeling language of modern glass art is clarified. The plane modeling language of modern glass art is divided into two systems, namely, craft language and art language.This paper discusses the significance of the combination of craft language and art language in the plane art glass from the theoretical perspective by studying the craft material and craft technology of the plane art glass.In the research process of topic selection, on the one hand, pay attention to the theoretical depth of the topic, on the other hand, closely combined with practical experience, and strive to find the convergence of theory and practice.Paper by some experimental data and the typical example of plane art glass in the machining process, the design ideas, the application form, the material aspects such as the advantages and limitations of analysis and comparison, and puts forward relevant rationalization plane art glass design point of view, so that the theory and reality condition between the expression of able to control and verify each other.As people of bedroom environment and public building environment continuously put forward new requirements, China plane art glass market will face a more broad space for development, but due to congenital deficiencies in the field of Chinese art glass design, most companies in this respect basically in the phase of simple processing technology, which does not have independent and complete the design of the system, therefore,...More and more

Key words: glass art;Plane modeling language;Process;Design;