Synthetic Natural Crystal Crafts Contain Business Opportunities

- Sep 11, 2019-

Market analysis synthetic natural crystal is extracted from the ore crystal, and natural crystal composition is the same, as artificial diamond and natural diamond composition is the same, but the process is different, the value is different.Synthetic natural crystal transparent change very commercial, do not burn, never change color, unlike resin and similar imitation of crystal.The handicrafts made of synthetic natural crystal are crystal clear.

3. Don't let the crystal artifacts get too close to each other, or when you run into one of them, the others will fall over because of the domino effect.Ensure to act the role of ark is firm and reliable, shake not easily.

4. If you want to store crystal crafts for a long time, do not use foamed adhesive paper or plastic bags.This kind of packaging can increase the temperature and cause damage to the crystal.In the meantime, must not store crystal attic or cellar, lest they place themselves in abominable environment.