Taxi In Dubai

- Sep 28, 2019-


Taking a taxi is the most common way to travel in Dubai, where many taxi companies operate 24 hours a day. The taxi start fee is 3 dirhams, and the price is 1.8 dirhams per kilometer. If booked through the call center, the starting fee is 6 dirhams. The night start fee is 3.5 dirhams (7 dirhams from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.) and the reservation fee is 7 dirhams. Beginning in 2010, passengers in Dubai have to pay an extra 20 dirhams transit fee if they want to go to Sharjah, or if their taxi in Sharjah wants to cross the border to Dubai. The introduction of this policy mainly takes into account the interests of taxi drivers. Previously, most drivers were reluctant to cross the border, because they had to run empty cars when they returned, which was not worth the loss. (According to traffic regulations, taxis registered in Sharjah are not allowed to carry passengers in Dubai and taxis registered in Dubai are not allowed to carry passengers in Sharjah. Guest) This policy protects the interests of drivers, but makes passengers feel that they have suffered losses, so they usually get off before transit, walk through the border, and then change to a taxi in Dubai or Sharjah, without paying the transit fee of 20 dirhams.

Dubai Transport's taxis also provide airport pick-up services at a cost of 20 dirhams. In addition, you can also charter tours in the city. Chartered cars charge a fixed fee every 12 hours. Taxis are 500 dirhams and minibuses are 600 dirhams. A toll of 4 dirhams is charged for crossing the Maktoum Bridge and the Galhud Bridge, as well as the Balsha (near the Emirate) and Safa districts. Dubai Road and Traffic Authority announced recently that it will use the Salik system to collect tolls. The system will be installed at various toll stations in the coming year. Passengers who pass the two toll stations on the same journey charge only four dirhams at a time.

Experienced local operators are equipped with multilingual guides, trained drivers and comfortable vehicles. Taxi facilities are advanced, and most tour groups or hotels have air-conditioned buses. Tourists can also choose to rent a car with an international driver's license. Dubai Cruise Terminal is located in Port Rashid, with all kinds of facilities such as dock, supply and ground management.