Technology And Concept Of Modern Glass Art

- Aug 29, 2019-

There have been debates in teaching about the tendency of "technology" and "concept".From the horizontal parallel comparison between art disciplines, this debate is not limited to the scope of glass disciplines;From the perspective of the longitudinal time span of the occurrence and development of art, it is also a discussion of a normal value perspective in the field of art.The contradiction between the two creative thinking concepts will not be easily ended.Almost all artists will think about the relationship between "technology" and "art". In the process of glass art creation, there are often harsh technical requirements. So, should the teaching of glass art strengthen the orientation of basic technique training?How should we treat the technique of glass correctly and effectively serve the artistic creation?How to explore the harmony between technology and concept in the development of glass discipline?The above questions require teachers to guide students with clear teaching thinking and scientific educational methods, although it is impossible.


1:Description: New Sanhe Crystal Crafts

2. Model Scale: As per your requirement

3. Export Market: Global

4. Producing Area: Pujiang of China

5. Material: K9 Crystal

6. Color: As per your requirement

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