The Application Of Glass Art Wall In Art

- Aug 14, 2019-

Abstract: with the rapid development of urban rail transit, the development of subway also marks the development process of a city, along with the gestation of subway space in the development of public art is full of vitality.The diversity and diversity of subway public art also make urban public art more distinctive with strong regional and humanistic characteristics, and the contents displayed are closer to people's lives.This paper choose hangzhou metro public art as the research direction, through the glass wall art as a medium of intervention, to the dragon bridge station, phoenix road subway station, Qian Jianglu subway station as the reference case, from the subway site area culture, humanity, art expression is analyzed, aiming to fully tap the material of glass wall art features, common design, realization of glass art wall and subway public art design perfect combination.Through the analysis and induction of the design effect produced by the combination of glass and other different materials, it is concluded that the artistic expression forms of glass art wall are also diversified and diverse, meeting the requirements of different levels presented by the elements of color, form and vision in public art.Finally, combined with the design practice, the application of glass art wall in the subway public space design methods and ideas to verify.

Key words: glass art;The subway.Public art;Application;