The Artistic Expression Of Glass Art

- Sep 17, 2019-

Abstract: since the use of glass as an artistic medium, the development of contemporary glass art has become more and more diversified. Techniques, shapes, colors, lights and shadows are constantly being explored by glass artists. This is not only a form of cultural value, but also a way for artists to express their feelings from the spiritual level.This paper mainly expounds the practical significance of the theme of "life · nature" in the field of glass art, and analyzes the application and expression of "life · nature" in glass art based on the works of contemporary glass artists.

Key words: glass art;Life;Nature;

AT142Grade-AA, A, B, C
AA :Clean & compete crystal, regular shape,  no inclusion, surface smooth & shining.
A  :Clean crystal, regular shape, little inclusion, suface general smooth with little scraps.
B  :Some blacks inside, surface gerneral smooth with scraps shape irregular
C  :Crystal with blacks & inclusions, surface rough, irregular shape.