The Blue Blood Legend Of St. Louis Royal Crystal

- Sep 11, 2019-

Next stop in the kingdom of crystals there is a famous saying that speaks volumes about st. Louis royal crystals;The French republic has always been st. Louis's chief customer, and no historical film has ever been made without the trappings of its glory.With this first impression, I studied the st. Louis crystal story over and over again in thick historical materials. The deeper I read, the more curious I became.The more we figure it out, the more we yearn for it.Finally set foot on the flight to France, all the way through Paris and the area of the saint Louis crystal workshop, crystal museum, in the heart of the saint Louis crystal image is more and more clear, real.If you ask me what st. Louis crystal looks like, there's probably no better word for it than blue blood.And, of course, it's not just the first smudge of blue -- blue.MT99

Golden hair crystal: most beautiful, supreme.

Red hair crystal: warm and lively.

Yellow hair jing: prosperous, flourishing.

Black hair crystal: partial wealth, solution.

Green hair crystal: happiness, good luck.

Silver hair crystal: flourishing wood, ward off evil.