The Common Variety Of Natural Crystal Appreciation

- Sep 16, 2019-

Craft crystal is used for decoration, ornamental crystal, etc.Craft crystal also divides into natural crystal and synthetic crystal two kinds big, here talks about natural craft crystal only.Pure crystal color white like water, crystal clear, but it is amazing that the natural crystal because it contains various impurities, and presents a variety of colors and artistic conception.In the family that enters craft crystal, what you see is color of time excessive, beautiful beautiful wind is elegant, all sorts of crystal with myriad and even exquisite unsurpassed.

AT1402. About the product
1. Brand- New Sanhe
2. Feature: Colorful & Transparent & Shining
3. Usage: Ornament, Furnishing, Decoration
4. Place: Home, Club, Hotel, Park, Resort, Commercial Place, Public Place, etc
5. Tecgnique: Polished
6. Production: Engraving & Molding & Casting & Precessing
7. Processing: Handmade
8. Surface: Polishing or Sandblasting
9. Logo: Sandblasting & Painting Available
10. Quality: Quality Controlled to meet Customer's Requirement
11. Packing:
Inner packing: Nice gift box with foam & satin or white paper box safety packing.
Out packing: High quality carton with six sides foams to protect.
12. Delivery: Within 10~25days after we received the deposit