The Core Value Of Chinese Contemporary Handicraft

- Sep 17, 2019-

The value world of handicraft, from the metaphysical point of view, is the creation and construction of a meaningful world.From a physical point of view, it is a world containing perception and experience, and its value target is respect for the living body in itself.Contemporary arts and crafts to the character of its respect for life, respect for the possibility of its generation process, open a person's life and the life realm of exploring space, as for the essence of human being pursued, it not only provides contemporary technical people to live to escape and settled the temporary home of spirit, in essential sense, more profoundly reveals the human to obtain the value of the possibility and necessity of comprehensive and free development.Papers in the preface and introduction, plexus in the fieldwork and timelines, existing in today's China arts and crafts do briefly describe the situation and put forward the thesis research perspectives to handicraft art practice as the main body, through exploration and efforts, since the 1990 s as a way of showing crafts life value and cultural value at the core of value pursuit, the existing ten different aspect of the craft forms have played an important role in leading and enlightenment, and vigorously promoted the social process values gradually shift.In the second chapter, "people", "technology", "tools" and their mutual relations are taken as the framework of the research on the ontology of handicraft value, to try to demonstrate the significance and value of handicraft to people from its essence, and to show the primary essential state of the pursuit of harmony and unity of the material value and spiritual value of handicraft.And put it in the background of social development, discuss the self-disciplined development of art and technology and craft values.AT164