The Development Of Green Glass

- Jul 06, 2020-

For hundreds of years, people thought that glass was green and could not be changed.It was later discovered that the green color came from the small amount of iron in the raw material, a compound of ferrous iron that made the glass appear green.After the addition of manganese dioxide, the original divalent iron turns to trivalent iron and shows yellow, while the tetrvalent manganese is reduced to trivalent manganese and shows purple.Optically, yellow and purple can complement each other to a certain extent, mixing together to make white light, so that the glass is not colored.But over the years, as the air continues to oxidize the manganese trivalent, the yellow gradually increases, so that the Windows of those old houses are a little yellow.


Common glass is a kind of amorphous solid with irregular structure (at the microscopic level, glass is also a kind of liquid), whose molecules do not have long order arrangement in space like crystal, but have short order similar to liquid.Glass retains a definite shape like a solid, rather than flowing with gravity like a liquid.