The Emotional Transmission Of Glass Art In Modern Handicraft

- Sep 17, 2019-

These items are the best choice for gifts at opening celebrations ,souvenirs, and household decorations. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our way of doing business and excellent of the quality of our products including reasonable price. We are proud of our high quality and technology in crystal products since we were established in 1992 and have been supplying fashionable products with competitive prices for world market.AT150Abstract: with the constant innovation of glass material and the development of new technology emerge in endlessly, and the spread of the modernism art ideas, glass is gradually out of the limitation of practical daily household goods category, the trail of the glass in contemporary arts and crafts exhibition has become increasingly frequent, with its unique material properties and the material beauty, glass art in the when the craft to produce infinite possibilities, which greatly enriched the artistic creation technique and the emotion expression.As an emotional medium to communicate materials and social relations, artists constantly use glass in handicraft creation, which promotes a new artistic movement and gives birth to a new aesthetic perspective.Based on the exploration of the characteristics of glass materials and the detailed cases of contemporary glass artists, this paper expounds the extension of the trace of material language of glass in contemporary handicraft, and summarizes the aesthetic trend of contemporary glass art