The Formation Mechanism Of Donghai Crystal Deposit

- Sep 16, 2019-

Abstract:Through the migration of silicon, north jiangsu east China sea crystal deposit form and conditions of the chemical composition of the fluid inclusion in quartz, part of the flap gas natural, geode close correlation with crystal and crystal of associate of research, puts forward the deposit formation mechanism for: deep in the earth's strong self also hydrogen environment of high temperature and high pressure, silicon is gaseous hydrogen silicon complex activation and purification, migrated to shallow crust low temperature low pressure oxidation environment, rapid oxidation silicon hydride formation of quartz veins, and the good parts of quartz shell (geode shell), crystal silicon hydride in the hole in the moderate and stable environment slow oxidation, crystal fractionation and purification and freedom to form crystal deposit.

Key words: silicon hydride;Transfer form;Crystal deposits;Metallogenic mechanism;Jiangsu east China sea