The History Of Dubai

- Sep 27, 2019-

Dubai's history

ABU dhabi lived until 1833.

On January 8, 1820, the ruler of dubai signed a peace of peace (peace by sea) with Great Britain.

In 1833, the 800-strong Bani Yas tribe, led by the Maktoum family, left ABU dhabi "without resistance" and moved to dubai to establish a new dynasty.An attempt by the Qawasim to plunder dubai was thwarted.In 1835, dubai and the rest of the emirate of trussier signed a maritime armistice with Britain and a "permanent armistice" 20 years later.Maktoum became sheikh in 1852, ushering in the family's rule in dubai.Since then, dubai, a new independent emirate, has officially separated from the emirate of ABU dhabi.Dubai was protected by the British with its secret 1892 agreement.Dubai's location on trade routes with India made it an important place.In March 1892, the emirate of trusir (or trusir Oman) was established.

Over the years, dubai developed rapidly and became an important maritime trading port for foreign merchants who settled in the city. Its loose free trade prices and reasonable tax system attracted adventurers from various regions to come here for development.Unlike the surrounding towns, dubai's rulers encouraged commerce.Dubai was once an important port for foreign businessmen (mostly indians) who settled in the city.It was known as a pearl export until the 1930s.

Night at dubai

In 1954, the British established a political institution in dubai (here agency) become the protectors, dubai to foreigners flexible in terms of trade and easing, attracts more outsiders, because of the addition of these foreign "immigrants", speed up the internationalization of dubai, make dubai also rapidly become a big international trade port city.

Since oil was discovered in the region in 1960, dubai's long-term prospects have been even better, with the first barrel of crude oil exported in 1969, boosting the emirate's economy and urban infrastructure.

After the 1966 rupiah devaluation, dubai joined the newly independent Qatar to establish a new currency, the Qatar/dubai riyal.Oil was discovered 120 kilometers off the coast of dubai.

Dubai's geographical boundaries were redrawn in 1971 with the departure of its former British protectors from the Persian gulf.Dubai joined with ABU dhabi and five other emirates to form the united Arab emirates on December 2, 1971.In 1973 dubai joined the other emirates in adopting a single currency: the dirham.

After the 1970s, dubai developed rapidly.Its national income is based on its oil trade, and dubai's growth has been helped by the country's leaders, who have managed and run it successfully, giving the people the biggest share of its modest oil reserves.And using the prospect of oil to rapidly develop urban infrastructure and make the country prosperous.Since then, dubai has taken advantage of its international trade market to develop its economy and tourism at the same time. Every year, many international tourists come here for sightseeing and vacation, and the number of tourists increases year by year.