The Language Of Dubai

- Sep 27, 2019-


The official language of dubai is Arabic, but English, Hindi, and Urdu are also widely spoken, and Persian, punjabi, malayalam, and tagalog are also spoken by a few.In the dubai business community, English is widely used, for example, employees of trading companies, shopping malls, hotels, airports, Banks and other places, as well as taxi drivers and media practitioners all need to speak fluent English, which reflects the characteristics of dubai as a multicultural international metropolis.In government departments, such as the police station, immigration office, court, procuratorate, city hall, the department of labor, etc., because most is the country's Arab, hire staff also has a lot of Arab women's cultural level is not high, so when I went to the department office, sometimes only English is often not enough, if be Arabic, will cater to the "institution" the mood of the staff are more willing to speak his native language, will be closer with them, will greatly improve the efficiency.As a result, companies are hiring mostly english-speaking and arabic-speaking public relations staff to deal with government agencies.