The Management Institutions Of Dubai

- Sep 27, 2019-

Management institutions

Dubai city hall was formerly the municipal management office established in 1954.In 1961, sheikh rashid issued an order to form a municipal council.Since 1965, prince hamdan has been the chairman of the committee.In 1974, the municipality expanded its jurisdiction to cover the entire emirate of dubai, and made the municipality consist of the council and the municipality, which today is basically the second body.It is composed of the secretary general, deputy secretary general, five assistant secretaries and twelve bureaus, four offices, two offices and one center, which are responsible for urban construction, transportation, health, landscape, greening, market and other municipal affairs.In 1996, the city budget was $545 million.


Successive leadership

June 9, 1833-1852: Sheikh Maktoum I ibn Bati ibn Suhayl

1852-1859: Sheikh Said I ibn Bati

1859-22 November 1886: Sheikh Hushur ibn Maktoum

22 November 1886-7 April 1894: highness Sheikh Rashid I ibn Maktoum

7 April 1894-16 February 1906: Sheikh Maktoum II ibn Hushur

February 16, 1906 - November 1912: Sheikh Bati ibn Suhayl

November 1912 - April 15, 1929: highness Sheikh Said II ibn Maktoum (1st)

15 April 1929-18 April 1929: Sheikh Mani ibn Rashid

April 18, 1929 - September 1958: highness Sheikh Said II ibn Maktoum (2nd)

September 1958-7 October 1990: sheikh rashid bin said al maktoum

7 October 1990-4 January 2006: sheikh maktoum bin rashid al maktoum

January 4, 2006-present: sheikh Mohammed bin rashid al maktoum