The Religiours Of Dubai

- Sep 27, 2019-


Dubai is an Arab country, the state religion is Islam, the majority of residents are muslims.Sunni muslims make up the majority of the seven emirates in the uae, while shia muslims are relatively large in dubai, accounting for 35-40% of the total Muslim population.Mosques of all sizes throughout the city make it easy for people to worship.In addition to muslims, dubai has a Hindu population of about 12 percent, a Catholic and Christian population of about 8 percent, and a small number of sikhs.These other religions are also respected in dubai, which has two Christian churches, the Roman Catholic St Mary's and the Baptist Holy Trinity, a Sikh temple in jebel ali and a buddhist temple in the garhud district near the dubai airport.Dubai is the only one of the uae's seven emirates to have Hindu and Sikh temples.

The mina bazaar in dubai contains the temples of shiva and Krishna, which were established with the permission of the former ruler of dubai, sheikh maktoum bin rashid al maktoum.There are also electric crematoria for Indian immigrants.In dubai, non-muslims are free to practice their religion, but are not allowed to preach or distribute their books publicly.The government is tolerant of non-muslims and missionaries, and rarely intervenes in the religious activities of non-muslims.