The Sense Of The Big Ben

- Nov 15, 2019-

In Britain, the Elizabeth tower is the focus of New Year celebrations, radio and television broadcast its bell to usher in the New Year.Similarly, on memorial day, the sound of the Elizabeth tower bell signals the beginning of the 11th hour and 2 minutes of silence on the 11th day of the 11th month.


Itv's "ten o 'clock news report" has been running for years with a soundtrack of Elizabeth tower bells as a news preview.The bell of the Elizabeth tower will still be used today as a news bulletin on all the independent television news channels, as well as a clock face map of the Elizabeth tower in the palace of Westminster.Because of independent television news corporation with Elizabeth tower as the theme too "greater London", therefore on November 2, 2009 10 news report cancelled flights from London skyline to Elizabeth tower news opening computer animation, also reduce the Elizabeth tower design, but still retains the Elizabeth tower bells sound.Starting from 31 December 1923, the bell of the Elizabeth tower can also be heard an hour before certain news bulletins on BBC radio 4 (6 o 'clock, half an evening and 10 o 'clock on Sunday evening) and in the international division of the BBC.The bell is transmitted by a loudspeaker connected to the broadcasting house, which has long been located in the bell tower.