The Temperature Of Craft: Visit Glass Artist

- Sep 02, 2019-

Abstract: liuli manor, nanxun ancient town, huzhou, zhejiang province, is a glass art creation base that has attracted much attention in recent years.China's largest permanent exhibition of individual glass art, the most comprehensive collection of ancient Chinese glass art museum, the largest glass art creation base, are currently owned by this glass manor.Li feng, the owner of the park, graduated from zhejiang academy of fine arts in the 1980s as a teacher's major. After graduation, he went to shenzhen to set up a product design company.An accidental encounter made him close to glass art. He devoted himself to the management of glass works of art and the collection of ancient colored glaze in China, and cooperated with many art colleges such as the central academy of fine arts to build a development model integrating art creation, design industry and design education.Recently, our special correspondent visited liuli manor and had a dialogue with li feng in the fields of art perception, industrial operation and practical teaching.

Key words: glass art;Glass technology;A home stay facility.Design industry;