Transportation In Dubai

- Sep 28, 2019-



Starting from Shanghai, you can take Emirates Airlines, one flight a day, flying for 9 hours. Emirates Airlines has won many honors as a five-star airline company. It has a safe flight and good service. The Chinese-speaking stewardess on the flight also makes Chinese passengers feel more cordial. Beijing has also opened round-trip flights to Dubai, taking Air China Flight CA941, which can go directly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and July every week. In Guangzhou, you can fly directly to Dubai by Emirates Airlines or China Southern Airlines. Flights MU755/6 and MU2021/2 of China Eastern Airlines are available in Kunming on Monday, Wednesday and June. In addition, you can transfer to Hong Kong.

City Bus

Most of Dubai's buses are Mercedes-Benz, with 51 seats and 10 stations, all with air conditioning. The city's ordinary line fare dhs1.50. Buses to suburbs vary in distance from dhs2 to dhs7.

Get in at the front door, men get out at the back door, women and children get out at the front door. Before 2009, the bus is ticketed and changed by the driver (it's better to keep the change by oneself), but from 2009 to 2010, the bus has gradually changed to punch in, similar to China's domestic, the difference is that the front door is punched in, and the back door is punched out when getting off, so that the card machine can distinguish the number of stops passengers take, while the root is punched in. Fees are charged according to the number of stations. The first three rows are for ladies. If the ladies'seats are insufficient, the men in the back row should give up their seats for ladies. Sometimes, even if there is standing space, the bus driver will not let the ladies get on the bus because there is no ladies'seat. You are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke on the bus. Men should never sit next to a strange lady. In some small stations, drivers will not stop unless passengers press the button next to their seats indicating that they want to get off at the next stop and nobody wants to get on.

Note: Al Ghubaiba (Bur Dubai), Al Sabkha (Deira), Gold Souq (near Al Sabkha), most buses have these three stops, where they can transfer. Bus timetables can be obtained at bus stops.