Website Technical Ability

- Aug 07, 2019-

2. Website technical ability

Want to do a good job in network marketing is not from the verbal action, must be combined with strong technology + action to unify.Network marketing and web page production, database application and other common procedures are inseparable, network marketing personnel can not become a programming master, but for some of the network marketing directly related to the basic code, should have a certain understanding, especially HTML, ASP, JSP and so on.Even if you don't know how to code a web document, you should understand its basic meaning, and analyze the web code to find obvious errors so that you can better understand and apply web marketing.

Web design itself to many problems, such as picture processing, program development, and so on, these problems can not be included in the network marketing specialized courses, but a network marketing personnel should have a preliminary knowledge of web design, at least for the basic principles and methods of web design have some understanding.These capabilities are particularly important in web site planning, because only understand some basic issues in the production of web pages, to know whether the plan is reasonable, and whether it can be implemented.

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