Why Is The Value Of Crystal Crafts So High?

- Oct 12, 2018-

As a mid-range gemstone, crystal has always been at the forefront of fashion in the market. When it comes to the collection of crystal treasures, many people don't know much about it, but crystal has won the favor of many buyers with its unique charm. Especially after 2004, the collection of crystal and crystal market has soared, and the price has soared. , showing the development prospects of crystal as a unique collection. There are currently three types of crystal collections that are more valuable in the market. One is antique crystal, the second is crystal crafts, and the third is crystal.

From the perspective of collection, the collection of modern crystal crafts depends on the texture and the engraving process. Good crystal crafts, the material texture should be pure, smooth and crystal. Some crystals themselves contain some special inclusions, and then they are carefully carved by skilled craftsmen, often producing the effect of “degrading into magic”. Second, we must look at the processing technology. Good crystal crafts should be refined, not only to fully reveal the external beauty of crystal products, but also to maximize the inner beauty.

Nature's ingenuity gives the crystal ornamental stone a rich variety of inclusions, unpredictable artistic shapes, and rich artistic conception.

What is the value of crystal stone:

1. Naturalness is the basic characteristic of crystal ornamental stone. Generally, the overall shape of crystal minerals does not have a high ornamental value, but the inclusion of crystal ornamental stones often needs to be polished and polished, which makes it easier to view the inclusions inside the crystal.

2. Odd characteristics Crystal ornamental stones are often very strange in terms of shape, texture and internal features. Nature has unlimited scenery, and you can find miniatures in the inclusions.

3. Rare natural crystals are non-renewable resources. With the deepening of development, the natural crystal stocks have become less and less. For sustainable development, the Donghai County government has long established a policy of protecting local resources and encouraging the development of overseas crystal resources. However, overseas resources are becoming less and less. Many countries have raised the threshold for mining and exporting natural crystals. The prices of foreign crystals entering the East China Sea market have skyrocketed year after year, and the viewing crystals have risen faster than ordinary crystals.

4, the chemical composition of the durable crystal is mainly silica, the chemical stability of the crystal is quite good; the hardness of the crystal is very large, and its Mohs (Moss) hardness is 7. These determine that the crystal will not rot and deteriorate, it is durable and easy to store, which is very suitable for collection.

Crystal rough stone has a certain collection value, and it is relatively simple to collect. Generally, it can be collected as long as it has some characteristics or advantages in terms of shape, color, pattern, inclusion, purity and even size. Therefore, many crystal collectors are also keen on this. Of course, in the above several aspects have an advantage, the collection value is naturally higher.